30 August 2010

Momma is back home!

Breck is now home to all three of her boys...something that almost didn't happen as expected.  Yesterday evening, we found out one of Breck's flights home was delayed an hour, risking her ability to make her connecting flight.  But thankfully, the flight carrier delayed the plane so she was able to arrive home right on time!

Having been gone only two days, Breck was surprised how much Bennett seemed to have grown.  He seemed, to her, both taller and heavier than she remembered when she left.  Maybe it's because Bennett turns 11 months old today...or maybe it's because it always takes a few days away to really notice small changes.  But the truth is, as Bennett is getting big and is looking more and more toddler-like, rather than just a blob of baby.  

Mumsy and Aunt Brooklyn (or as Oliver calls her, "Aunt Book-en") have done a wonderful job keeping life normal for the boys.  And Brian has even gotten a break himself as these women are a power-team together! 

But as the power-team returns to their respective homes and Brian gets back to school, life is returning to normal.  And normal is so so good!

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