26 August 2010


Our big boy is hard to capture these days.  But we do have a few to share.  This one is of a recent visit with Mumsy.  Bennett loves being kissed!

Bennett is pulling up with such ease these days!  He has even let go a few times and watched himself balance for a short bit.  After enjoying his own bath, he likes to stand up and hold the side of the tub and watch Big Brother play in the bath too!

We thought these few minutes of his staying still would give us enough time to focus in on this:

Bennett's curly hair that is ever so slightly growing into a mullet.

Business in the front but all party in the back!

We're not yet sure if we're going to cut it or just let it grow some more.   For now, we think it's pretty cute just the way it is.

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  1. I love almost-naked pics!! He's getting to be quite the chubbster!


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