19 August 2010

Guess how much this Vest costs???

We are *loving* Bennett's vest! It's absolutely amazing! And he is tolerating it so well!

Check out how Bennett's little fingers are vibrating in the picture as he holds his tubing while wearing The Vest. :)

Vibrating toes!

Despite our best effort to minimize the noisy, flashy plastic toys in our home, we were more than happy to buy all of the brightly lit musical toys as possible to keep Bennett happy during his Vest time.

Daddy sits by to keep Bennett company.

The machine counts down the time left (see the right side where it says, "4 MIN").

The machine also counts how many hours it has run.  We've done 5.4 hours on this baby!

This thing IS amazing.  But this amazing little thing comes with a price. 

Let me tell you what things you could buy with the same price as The Vest by Hill-Rom:
* 74,620 (or 533 boxes of) Huggies Snug and Dry Size 4 Diapers 
* 20 Refrigerators
* 16 LCD Flatscreen TV's
* 8 Months Rent in a 1 bedroom New York City Apartment
* 1 Year of In-State Tuition at the University of Nebraska
* 1 Semester of Tuition at Harvard University
* 2 Harley Motorcycles
* 1 2009 Used Honda Civic or 2010 New Kia Rio5

Yes.  Believe it or not, but Bennett's Vest costs $16,000!!!

Thank goodness for health insurance!!!

It's an amazing contraption, though.  And one of the reasons why it is so expensive is because it has a limited lifetime warranty (the limited part refers to it only applying to Bennett - the warranty can't be passed on).  At any point, if we need new tubing or a new vest (Bennett will need larger vests as he gets older), all we have to do is call the company and they will send it to us!  Pretty nice!

Oliver likes to watch the fan on the back of the machine.  He loves how it goes around and around while putting out air.

He likes to tell us about it too!

This Vest is like a part of our family.  We all gather around during Vest time (Oliver loves watching it and we end up trying to sing songs, play with toys or dance - whatever it takes to keep Bennett happy).  It's expensive but it's worth keeping our baby well!


  1. Isn't the vest so much better then CPT?! We love ours! Congrats on finally getting one. Glad to see that little Bennett is handling it so well, he sure is adorable!


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