06 August 2010

The First Time On The Vest

It started out pretty good.  Bennett handled the vest on the lowest settings for a full 8 minutes!  That's pretty good for a baby who looked like Violet on Willy Wonka (remember the little girl who blows up into a giant blueberry?).

The way the vest works is there is a plastic inner tube (called a "bladder") that fills up with air.  The outside vest (blue) is washable and made of light fabric.  Once you push "on" one time, the bladder fills up with air.  Once you push "on" a second time, the vest begins to oscillate.

Oliver was an amazing cheerleader.  He just laughed at Bennett while Bennett shook back and forth.

At one point, Bennett's enthusiasm began to wane.  He probably started feeling nauseated.  We stopped but after a short pause, he was able to keep going.

Oliver was completely mesmerized by the generator (the boombox-looking thing).  Bennett was able to concentrate on something else for a while.  However, Bennett eventually needed to sit in Mama's arms while he experienced his chest earthquake.

It was great to hear Bennett cough a few times after he was done.  Even at a low setting, the vest seemed to work well.  Ultimately, we hope it will move the mucus enough that eventually he will be able to cough up (and out) that sticky mucus sitting in his lungs.  The goal of Vest therapy is to shake the mucus up, which is usually a breeding ground for bacteria.  If bacteria has no place/mucus to make a home, it can't stay in Bennett's lungs.

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  1. It looks kind of fun! Maybe eventually it could lull him to sleep :)


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