29 August 2010

Breck's Thoughts: A Weekend Away

I left Friday for a girls weekend.  One of my closest friends from college was having her wedding and almost all of our close friends were going to be there to celebrate!

Months ago, I hesitated to make plans to go as I was unsure how Bennett would be doing at the time (we have a "zero tolerance" sort of rule in our home these days regarding Bennett:  Bennett's health is our primary concern and ultimately nothing is too important to cancel if it conflicts to getting/keeping Bennett well).

But after we saw that Bennett had begun thriving and after my mother and sister offered to care for the kids (along with Brian) while I was away, it was decided I would go.

I has been an absolute blast!  It's fun to reminisce with friends and laugh about the naivity of being 18.  Its enjoyable to see how friends have changed over the last 12 years of their lives (yes, that means we are in our 30's!).  And its fun to have friends remind me of how much I've changed.

Spending time with old friends is like getting to revisit yourself years ago.  I love doing that.  It reminds me who I am.  I'm not just Breck, Brian's wife...or the mother of two...or the mother of a CF child.  I'm also the girl who showed to college wearing a bow, the one who loved to snap photographs during dinner to the annoyance of friends, the one who (as friends reminded me) always wanted to ask deep deep questions, and the one who was determined to rebel in whatever innocent way possible.

But over the weekend, I have enjoyed remembering both who I was and reminding myself who I am.  I have both had an absolutely wonderful time and longed to get kisses from my sweet boys.  I have both appreciated taking along only my purse and felt a bit naked without all of my diaper bags.  I have both wanted to get dressed up in my cocktail dress for a wedding dinner and simultaneously wanted to take off my shoes, climb into Oliver's bed or stand near Bennett's crib and put my little ones to sleep.

What a gift I have to be able to be somewhere I love...and to love somewhere I will at some point be!

That some point later this evening I will return home.  But not before a good couple of hours shopping, a pedicure with one of my best friends and a lunch full of girl talk with other adults!!

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  1. Lovely post, Breck! And, I'm glad to be the friend who got to share the wonderful weekend away with you!!! It was such a blast! Sometimes, it takes being away to appreciate what you have at home even more.

    Can't wait to do it again!!! Love you, girl!


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