20 August 2010

Bennett Laughing and His New Tricks

Well, this started out as spontaneous "dolphin talk" between the boys (which sometimes also includes Breck, who, as you can see, sometimes also participates) but it turned into just wild silliness by all, which prompted our bringing out the camera. While we had the camera on him, we thought we'd catch some of his new tricks. :)


  1. Oh how I love those boys -- and their momma and papa! =)

  2. So fun! Molly had to get in on the action. She came over while I was watching to check out the boys!

  3. Oh, I'm laughing so hard right now - mostly at Breck's "dolphin talk" You are very talented my friend!!! Your boys are nothing but adorable gifts from God and they make me smile!

  4. As always, I love watching your family. Thanks so much for sharing! Love, Ms.Ann


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