20 July 2010

Shopping is always fun...even if it's for medical supplies!

One of the things that is difficult about Bennett's g-tube is it's hard to find clothing for a 9 month old that doesn't have bottom or top snaps.  Onesies and other one piece outfits allow easy access to his diaper but not his belly (aka g-tube).

We do find things every once in a while (we typically have to dress him in 12 month clothing - a shirt and a pair of shorts) but on a whole, it can be difficult.  This should resolve when he is older but, for now, the main clothing choices for babies are onesies.  So, shopping for Bennett isn't much fun with this necessary requirement to get to his g-tube often.

However, every rain cloud has a rainbow, right? The nice thing about a g-tube is it opens up a whole new line of items from which to purchase!   We didn't know, until now, that there is a whole market for "adaptive clothing."  How incredible it feels that many people have gone before us, felt needs similar to our own and invented a way to resolve these challenges!

Here are suggestions from other CF Mommas who have or know those who have g-tubes:


  1. fantastic. I was about to link you to some of those :)

  2. Do you have a Carters outlet near you? I've bought lots of separate piece outfits there for my girls- and gifts for little boys. Like a button down little top and shorts....of course Target has the Circo section with little individual t-s and shorts as well but they aren't as convenient as the Gtube ready line of clothes!


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