26 July 2010

Funny Things You See At The Doctor's Office

Obviously, we go to the doctor ALL THE TIME.  So, we find our "Doctor Office Finds" pretty entertaining from time to time. 

We found this book in our Pediatrician's exam room back in March.  This book was appropriate since it was around Easter...which is why we couldn't keep from laughing when we opened this beautiful little children's book called "The Parable of the Lily" to find...

...written in the book under the words, "This Book Belongs To:" was a child's handwriting which said, "Jacelyn Do not read or touch!!! No!!!!" and underneath that, in larger handwritten letters, "I Kill You!!!!"  (Click the picture to see it more clearly)

And at competely different doctors appointment a few weeks later, we opened this sweet book by Bill Cosby called "The Day I Was Rich" to which we opened to the first page and found:

A child had scratched out the title and changed it to "The Day I Was Rich Broke," also adding, to the illustrated boy's holding of a diamond, the word "Fake."

I guess some child was mighty possessive of the book in her doctor's examination room.  And another child clearly did not appreciate a fictional book about getting rich. 

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  1. Haha! This post cracks me up! We have that Liz Curtis Higgs book and we love it! I'll try to keep Stella and Cille from writing death threats in it!


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