21 July 2010

The evolution of Bennett's first crawl.

It happened!  Technically, this was it.  His first crawl.  We set up the bait.  He set out to get it.  For some reason, we were shocked that it worked!  (Watch his back left leg move, along with the position of his hands.  We apologize that these pictures will "crawl" by as you scroll...but we caught the moment using the next best thing to video - frame by frame photography.)

Got it!

Sweet success!  (Momma helped prop him back up again to catch his sweet smile.)

If you worked hard, you should certainly enjoy it.  (We're enjoying watching his new moves develop and those blonde curls grow.)


  1. That is so adorable. Love the pics by frame...almost better than video.

  2. So sweet, Breck! And, oh, those blond curls are darling. What a doll. You must be endlessly in love with little Bennett!!

  3. He is just SO cute!


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