17 July 2010

Update: Cancelled Colonoscopy

Bennett's abdominal cramping/pain has lessened significantly since we tinkered with his formula concentration.  He is now getting the correct number of needed calories per day but diluted to 20 calories per ounce (this is typical calorie count of formula for babies).  He seems to be handling it it very well. 

In addition, per our CF doctor's advice, we have exchanged five minute bolus feeds with a syringe (allowing the formula to go through the g-button and tubing with gravity within a 5 minute time period) with 30 minute bolus feeds with a pump (setting up a pump to push the food gently over an extended period of time).

Both of these things have really helped Bennett tolerate his feeds much better...causing us to rethink at the last minute whether having a colonoscopy next Tuesday was really worth the risks for putting him under anesthesia.

On Friday, we called Bennett's GI and CF doctors and discussed the issue.  For now, they are in agreement as our initial concerns over Bennett's being able to handle his feeds has subsided with our changes in his formula concentration.  However, we will continue to talk with them about the decision to go ahead with further testing and if they feel it is necessary, we will reschedule it in the near future.

Bennett's "painful poops" are not gone completely.  But they are significantly better.  He is not, however, having any more problems with projectile vomiting.  And we are thrilled!!!  Bennett is beginning to gain weight again and seems to be doing wonderful on the pump!  He is even eating more baby food!  (We finished one jar of baby food over the course of two feeds today.  This is absolutely a first for him!  He has even started to cry if we aren't fast enough.  We couldn't believe we were feeding *our* baby Bennett!)

Two concerns still remain.  Besides some residual pain that we hope may eventually go away, Bennett is still having rectal prolapse issues and his bowel movements are not the way they should be.  So, we will continue to consider with Bennett's doctors on what we should do.

Nonetheless, overall, for the last few days, Bennett has been doing really well.  We are seeing more smiles than cries...which gives us more smiles too!

Thank you to all who have recently remembered Bennett and our family in prayer.  It truly feels like, at some point over the past week God literally reached down, grabbed us in his hands and gave us an incredible peace.  At no time has peace felt so good than now.


  1. That is great :) If you want me to send you the measuring thing for his creons E-mail me your address:

  2. There's nothing like improvising, is there? Sounds like yall have it all figured out, and Bennett certainly looks happy! Love, Ms.Ann


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