27 July 2010

Breck's Thoughts: Things I Love About You

Bennett, here are a few things that I love most about you right now.

* I love when I sneak in at night to check on you to find you are sleeping soundly under the blue glow of the feeding pump monitor which is working to fill you with calories even as you dream.  I love how that your little body is getting fatter even while you sleep.  I thank God for such a marvelous invention to help you stay alive.

* I love watching you bust out an "uh-oh" when you drop your toy or offer a one-handed (but sometimes two-handed) wave in reply to someone else's wave.

* I love how, sometimes, when I pick you up to I snuggle you in my arms, you bury your head into my left shoulder.  And then, as I let go of the embrace, you begin "talking" to me in coos.

* I secretly love how you always want be with me (because strangers are scary in your world right now).  I secretly love it because I know of he many times my heart has ached to be with you.

* I love when you belly laugh at Oliver's antics...or when you smile at Oliver, towering over your crib standing on a stool, each morning to greet your puffy sleepy face. 

* I love how, right now, you live one moment to the next with no care or concern about the future.  I love how you can be screaming in pain during one moment but laughing during the next.  It makes me so happy to know that while your CF-inexperienced parents are fumbling around trying to figure out what they heck they're doing with all of your treatments/medications/doctor visits/etc, you aren't fazed a bit!

Bennett, I love the joy that you bring to our family.  You fit just perfectly.


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