08 July 2010

Bennett's New Tricks

Bennett has been doing some fun new tricks. More than anything, he's starting to show he understands. For example, when we say, "Can I have a bite?" He begins to giggle. He knows that that means we're going to pretend to "chew" on the fat of his legs. It's fun to know he is beginning to understand our words. He can do a few other things so we hope to soon get those on video! Here are a few of his new tricks we have been able to photograph:

Bennett is now sitting up completely unassisted!  (We know it looks like we don't ever dress Bennett in anything other than a onesie but in Texas it's HOT!!)

Since he can sit up confidently now, we now can put him in the grocery cart all by himself! (Yes, that's our stroller folded up in the back of the grocery cart - also known as a "buggie" for Breck and her southern friends and family - since Oliver was too tired to ride this day.  We are thankful for the amazing Texas-sized two-person carts found at our Texas-sized local grocery store!)

To Oliver's dismay, one of Bennett's tricks is being interested in Oliver's toys.  Bennett has begun to find his little baby toys as boring.  It's pretty funny to see Bennett verbally scoff when Oliver takes them back!  (Oliver has learned the art of taking back his toys.  He simply offers a new toy and as Bennett becomes distracted, Oliver grabs it right out of his hand.  Bennett hasn't fully caught on yet but he's definitely starting to wise up. :))

Getting pictures of all of Bennett's teeth is nearly impossible.  But the truth is he has 7 teeth that have broken the surface!  This boy is about to be ready to cut some steak!

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