13 June 2010

Rectal Prolapse - may be TMI for some

Cystic Fibrosis is not a fun disease.  Not only because it isn't fun to suffer throughout your life but also because it deals with some not so fun parts of the body...namely the digestive system (eating, digesting an pooping).

One of the things we will be speaking to Bennett's CF doctor about tomorrow during our visit with her is his recent bout with rectal prolapse.

Today, Breck changed Bennett's diaper too quickly.  She had just changed him and was in the process of putting on the new diaper before she realized that Bennett was apparently not done with his bowel movement.

Allowing him to finish his business, Breck just watched him as he grabbed his legs and "went."  But she noticed something...something she has always feared she might see with her little CF baby...his pushing his bowel on the outside of his body.

What a watch the bottom of Bennett's intestine(a dark red tissue) actually protrude through his rectum along with his poop!

It would have been scary and worrisome if we hadn't already read enough about CF to know that these things can happen.  In fact 20% of CF patients suffer from rectal prolapse.

It's not terribly disconcerting (most of the time, it does not require surgery) but it needs to be dealt with.  Rectal Prolapse is basically caused by constipation or malnutrition (it's often a "first sign" for babies or children with CF who have yet to be diagnosed).  But it's is hard to believe Bennett would be suffering from malnutrition since he's so round and tubby these days.

It is likely he will be placed on a daily dose of Miralax (a stool softner/laxative) tomorrow at his CF Clinic appointment.  The doctor may also change his daily enzyme dose.  We are glad we will be able to resolve this issue pretty quickly.

The hardest part about something like simply that it reminds that while Bennett looks like a beautifully normal baby in every way...he has a horrible disease lurking underneath.


  1. Anxious to hear how everything went at the doctor...

  2. You know, while it's no fun being pooped on he couldn't have done it at a better time. At least you were able to witness the problem and can now take corrective measures to fix it instead of it getting worse, right? A silver lining to a poopy diaper!


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