17 June 2010

Pictures: CF Clinic

We took a few pictures during our recent visit to Bennett's CF Clinic in Waco.  Bennett has two clinics he goes to...his more complete clinic visit is in Fort Worth.  However, once per month, his doctor visits her patients down in Waco.  Here we are in the room waiting for Dr. Dambro at her Waco clinic visit.

Our big boy sits up on the exam table waiting patiently.

Enjoying a toy while we're waiting.  (We love his chubby cheeks and fat wrists in this picture.)

Peering over the exam table to see Oliver playing on the floor.

Oliver is such a sweetheart at these visits.  He plays in the room and usually waits patiently.  He tends to enjoy watching what happens as we get Bennett weighed and measured.  In this picture, Oliver makes Bennett laugh from across the room.

Mom's Regular Toddler-Stuck-In-An-Exam-Room-For-Twenty-Minutes Arsenal:  Oliver's favorite book, a toy car, Cheez-its (we were out of fishy crackers) and M&Ms (for big time meltdowns or important necessary moments of silent during doctor conversations).

Dr. Oliver puts the patient at ease.

Ready to see the doctor?  I'm ready to see your camera!

Finally Dr. Dambro comes in to exam Bennett.  (Bennett is looks like he is trying to squirm away but he loves Dr. Dambro.)  She says he looks good and our appointment is over!


  1. So glad he got a good report! Love the pictures! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. Those photos of Bennett looking across the room to his brother are PRECIOUS! He keeps getting more and more photogenic!


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