24 June 2010

Pictures: 8 Months

Well, Bennett will be 9 months within a week so we felt it time to post his monthly "at-home mammarrazi photo shoot."

We had hoped he could sit up by himself but he still struggles to sit by himself for very long.

Bennett is becoming more and more engaged with his world.  Here he laughs at a game of "Peek-a-boo."

Watching something out of the window.

Bennett has 2 bottom teeth right now.  But he is cutting all four of his top teeth at one time!

It didn't take too long for Big Brother Oliver (still in his pajamas) to put a premature end to the photo shoot.  He dove in, lied on the floor and laughed.

Since it was evident...

 that Bennett wanted to play along...

We considered the photo shoot over.  (But it was nice while it lasted.)

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