18 June 2010

Update: More Liver Tests/New Medication

We received a phone call from Bennett's CF nurse today.  Bennett's CF doctor wants to give Bennett another liver enzyme test as his other test had an error in it.  So, we'll be going back from bloodwork tomorrow or Monday.

Dr. Dambro, along with Bennett's GI doctor, is concerned that Bennett's liver enzyme levels have not dropped down to their appropriate level yet.  Therefore, Bennett is being placed on the medication Actigall (ursodeoxycholic acid).  We hope this medication will help bring those levels down and help his liver get rid of the waste.

In August, Bennett will see a sonographer for a liver ultrasound.  This will hopefully show that Bennett's liver is "flowing" as it's supposed to.

Sometimes, the mucus (made thick by CF) can clog up the liver ducts.  Cystic Fibrosis affects every person differently.  Sometimes, CF patients have more lung issues or GI issues.  Some experience issues with their liver, others do not.  The nurse told us today that Bennett's CF doctor wants to be aggressive with treating issues regarding his liver since his past medical history makes it so that he's more susceptible to CF-related liver disease.

We have heard from other CF families that this medication is fairly common and does seem to help.  This is good news and we're thankful for a proactive doctor!

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  1. Yup Ayla's been on that for a while! Hope it works for little Bennett, seemed to really help Ayla's numbers normalize!!


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