10 June 2010

Joseph's Story

Fortunately, both of us had heard about Cystic Fibrosis before the diagnosis of our child.

As a teenager, Breck had the opportunity to babysit for a little boy who had CF.  Brian grew up knowing a cousin by marriage who had CF (Brian and this cousin are not blood related).

We are so glad we knew about CF before we were told our son is suffering from the disease.  So many families learn about this illness after they learn their child's diagnosis, which can be very overwhleming.

On our recent trip to Missouri, we were able to visit with Brian's paternal aunt and uncle.  During our afternoon conversation, Uncle Ron and Aunt Carolyn asked about how Bennett was doing with his CF.  Uncle Ron asked if we had talked lately to Joseph, Brian's 31 year old cousin by marriage who has CF.  We have not.

Uncle Ron also asked us if we had read Joseph's blog.  We had no idea Joseph had a blog.  Uncle Ron informed us that not only did he have a blog...but at around the same time that we were posting about Bennett's diagnosis of CF, Joseph was posting on his blog about his double lung transplant.  Uncle Ron shared with us what an incredible experience it was for him to read about one family member (Joseph) who was closing in to potentially the end of his fight with CF as another family member (Bennett) was just beginning his.

Today, we found Joseph's blog ( and also found this video (shot before Joseph had his transplant late last year).  We thought we'd share what God has been doing in Joseph's life...just as we know God has also been working in Bennett's life.



  1. Thanks for the link! Such as great testimony also for signing your organ donor card. -Leslie Dingman James

  2. I'll post this on my blog, too!

  3. Brian and Breck! Thankyou for sharing this with everyone! It's an amazing story! I'm sure it inspires both of you. I'd never even thought that someone with CF could recieve a lung transplant. I may have to keep up with Joseph now, along with Bennett! Thanks for sharing, and I'm still praying for Bennett!


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