29 April 2010

How Time Flys!. (..and us too!)

It's hard to believe that we haven't had a chance to blog for a few days!  But usually in these situations, no news is good news!

Bennett is doing very very well!  He is gaining weight appropriately, developing normally and overall a happy baby.  His feeds, medications and treatments are going just right and have become just a normal part of our life!

A few days ago, we flew out to visit Breck's parents for a week.  This is mostly why we haven't blogged.  Like on any vacation, time seems to melt away.

One thing that is noteworthy, though, is in the midst of all of the bags we had to carry on to the plane, we ended up leaving the blue bag.  The blue of the most important stuff in it...the one that if we don't have...Bennett can't eat.  Yep...that one.

We didn't realize it until we were at our destination and about to feed Bennett.  Where is his syringe, mic-key tubing, bottle of enzymes, spoon and applesauce?  Um, under row 12 on flight 1548.

So, we called the airlines and the airport but they said they didn't have it.  Certainly, it's of no importance to them - just a little blue bag.

Fortunately, because we know it's so important, we packed extras in his very large black medicine bag that we carry along too.  So, we were ok.  But now we had no backup.

Breck called our Home Health Agency and they are overnighting extra supplies to us.  Whew!

We've learned to make sure we pack multiple items like that - there's no chance for a last minute Target run at our destination for enzymes and mic-key tubing should we find they are lost.

Oh, one more thing we learned - take your breathing machine/nebulizer out when you are taking off all of your clothes and unloading all of your bags to put on the conveyor belt when going through security at the airport.

Otherwise, they think you might have a bomb.

Thank goodness, we did forget that!

26 April 2010

Hanging Around

We recently came upon a pretty neat baby carrier by Infantino. Bennett really likes to just hang out and watch the world from our vantage point.

Here is he at Baylor's Diadeloso celebration.  Bennett has such fair eyes so he appreciates wearing shades - besides, he thinks he looks pretty handsome.

Here's a funny picture of Bennett that we found on our camera a few days ago.  Bennett either found his feet really interesting or had fallen asleep.  We aren't sure which. 

25 April 2010

Our First Texas Bluebonnets Pictures

Apparently, it's a tradition in Texas to take your kids to the local field/park/neighbor's yard/highway median to get a picture of them sitting amongst Texas Blue Bonnets, a regional wild flower that blooms all over in the Spring.

After two weeks of seeing all of my friend's kids enjoy wild flowers like they do sitting in Santa's lap, we decided to pack our kids up and sit them down in the midst of those purplish-blue flowers too.

Our sweet boys - Oliver's best effort at a smile and Bennett's best effort to keeping his blue eyes open.

Oliver is such a great big brother.  He wakes up each morning say, "Good Morning Bennett!" and has just discovered that he has the power to make Bennett laugh.  Bennett thinks Oliver is the funniest thing since sliced bread.

Breck, the Mommarazzi, took time taking pictures mainly of Bennett since he hasn't discovered his legs yet.  Two and a half year old Oliver, on the other hand, patiently sat a few pictures before he called up his reward of swinging with Dad at the park behind us.

Discovering the nearby flowers.

Playing with a Blue Bonnet.

Eating a Blue Bonnet.

Sitting admist the flowers.

Watching the wind blow.

A picture of God's beautiful creation: babies and flowers.

And a picture, just for those non-Texas to know what these flowers actually look like up close.

22 April 2010

Can you call this Crawling?!?

So my friend Lindsay stated only a few weeks ago that meeting the "crawling" milestone is technically getting "from point A to point B" doesn't matter how babies do it, as long as they do it.

So, would one actually consider this crawling?!  Possibly "back-crawling" or the "waterless backstroke?"

*p.s. Oliver was in the process of "cleaning" out his closet and finding toys and other storage Momma wasn't ready for him to get into.

Baby and a Biscuit

Now that Bennett has a set of teeth, we felt it was time to give him a Baby Biscuit to gnaw on.  He seemed to enjoy it!


21 April 2010

Pants on the Ground...Er, Hands in the Mouth

There isn't hardly a picture of Bennett that you can take these days when he doesn't have his hand in his mouth.

 He loves gnawing on those fingers!

And for good reason - this is a horrible picture but it's proof!  Bennett officially has two bottom teeth.  And we're pretty sure more are coming in!

20 April 2010

Update: They're Back and They're Good!

Bennett's Hepatitis Tests came back this morning.  Thank goodness we don't have to draw any more blood afterall.  The tests are all clear, as expected, so he does not have Hep A, B or C.

We need to return for blood work to recheck his liver enzymes again in two weeks but we're pretty confident that all is well.  Bennett is showing no more symptoms of projectile vomiting.  (We have LOVED that he can now once again keep an outfit on for more than 20 minutes!!)

There is an element of feeling like all of this bloodwork and testing is useless.  We always seem to feel that way when a test comes back showing no abnormalities.  But we are still learning Bennett and still learning about CF.  Therefore, we are on high alert for any problems or complications.

Fortunately, as each day passes, as each symptom subsides and as each test comes back negative, we gain a sense of confidence that everything is going to be alright.

We have been encouraged by our doctors to continue to stay aware of how he is doing.  Everyone seems to believe the "better safe than sorry" philosphy is best with Bennett and CF in general. 

But we are glad to know that each time a test comes back resolved, we have more evidence that he is a relatively healthy boy for now.

More Newborns With CF

Texas just recently passed a law that every newborn should be screened for Cystic Fibrosis.  Texas is actually one of the last few states to do so.

Yesterday, at the CF Clinic, Breck asked one of the nurses if they have seen an influx of CF babies.  She replied that they had.  In fact, since the newborn screening law when into effect only months ago, there have been 11 new newborn babies at our CF Clinic whose parents found out from the newborn screening, some from Waco.

Right now, they have 13 babies (including Bennett and one other child who was born with Meconium Ileus) under the age of 6 months who have CF.

The nurse mentioned how sad it is for Mommies and Daddies to come home with their baby that seems well to get that terrible phone call that their child has CF.  We knew Bennett was sick from the beginning but for more and more families the Newborn Screening test will be a complete shock to families who thought they had a perfectly healthy baby.  Nonetheless, it's best that parents know early so they can get the best of care as quickly as possible.

19 April 2010

Test Results and Doctor Visits

Bennett's blood test results from this morning came back this afternoon, which is great.  We are exhausted waiting for test results.  It scared us that 25% of Cystic Fibrosis patients get liver disease.  However, Bennett's liver enzyme levels went down indicating he most likely had a virus. 

We've been asked by the Pediatrician to come back tomorrow for more blood work since the outsourced lab ended up having trouble with the previous blood submitted for Bennett's Hepatitis blood test.  We were surprised that the doctor wanted us to come back to submit more blood when his liver enzyme levels indicate it is highly unlikely that it is Hepatitis.  However, Bennett's Pediatrician just wants to confirm he did not contract Hepatitis from his blood transfusion when he was a newborn (which is highly unlikely but worth knowing for sure should other symptoms arise).

Today's doctors appointments to the Pulmonologist and Gastroenterologist went great.  They both feel he is thriving and were happy to see his weight gain (he's 16.2 lbs!).  The Gastroenterologist did mention that Bennett has outgrown his G-button.  She he suggested that we speak with the Pediatric Surgeon about that when we follow up with him in two weeks.

Everybody is so excited that Bennett is showing signs that he is fairly healthy - of course, nobody more than us!  We will return to the Pulmonologist in about a month and see the GI doctor again in 3-4 months. 


Well, our little Bennett has a big day today.  It starts out with blood drawn at 8:30 to check his liver enzyme levels.  We hope to hear back on some of his labs from last week at some point later today.

Then, we're off to Fort Worth to Children's Hospital for a visit with the Pulmonologist.  Then, after that, we have an appointment with the GI doctor.

Our hope is that all goes well and Mr. Bennett handles the travel, poking and prodding ok.

17 April 2010

Great Strides 2010

Well, it wasn't exactly what we were hoping for but today ended up still being really fun.

For the past three days, it has supposed to rain.  For two days, it didn't.  But today, it poured.

Since we had been told that they typically hold the walk rain or shine, we decided to go ahead and go.

And to our amazement, so did many of our friends who had volunteered to walk with us!  Here we all are ready to go. 

Our sweet neighbors (and Bennett and Oliver's adopted Grandparents) wait in the car for the rain to die down. 

The boys wait in the car as well.

However, unfortunately, the rain continued pretty hard and the organizers decided to cancel the walk.  :(

It turns out that due to the high potential of infection being passed from one CFer to another, the CF Walk could not be moved indoors.

So, we thanked everyone and started to leave to return home for an afternoon's nap...

...until someone suggested that we go meet up for Brunch.  And then, more friends showed up and we decided that instead of enjoying the Great Strides CF Walk, we'd celebrate the Great Strides CF Sit.

So, Bennett's Brigade sat, talked and ate brunch.  We were so blessed to be joined by old friends as well as new!

Aunt Brooklyn and Uncle Joseph came all the way down from Dallas to be with us today!

Hanging out at a local bakery.  The CF Walk was planning to feed 200 people.  When asked what was going to happen to all that food, the organizer said it would probably go to a homeless shelter. We were glad to hear others would enjoy a good meal today.

Outside of not being able to participate in the walk, we were bummed that we didn't get to meet other CF families.  We hope to do that in time later.  (Notice how all of our friends wore blue shirts.  Wasn't that so sweet?!)

 Beth with Aiden and Breck with Bennett.  Aiden is 3 weeks older than Bennett.  It's obvious from this picture that, Bennett has caught up well with his weight!

We tried for a kid picture.  And of course, it turned out perfectly!

Everett tries to make a run for it! :)

Amy, the Walk's organizer, mentioned that Bennett was going to win an "award" at this year's walk.  He was going to win "The Youngest CF Participant" award.  We hope he will win it every year after.  We don't want any new babies in Waco to have CF!

Thank you to all of our friends who came out today.  More than $300 was raised in honor of Bennett.  And in Waco, more than $25,000 was given for research for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!  We were sad the walk was canceled but there is always next year!!!

Thank you.

Such sweet people have been given to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in Bennett's many sweet friends we haven't even seen in years!  A dear friend of Breck's recently gave money on her birthday.  When Breck acknowledged that she was giving out gifts when she should be receiving them, this is what she wrote in an email:

"I was given the gift of celebrating another year of my life.  My hope is that Bennett will be celebrating the same when he turns 30.  The best way to celebrate my birthday was to give to a foundation that can help him achieve this.  We keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers daily."

This brought Breck to tears.  Every kind word, every penny given, every tshirt purchased, every prayer prayed communicates this to us.  We are not in this alone.

No words are enough.  Thank you.

Why We Walk

A reminder of why we walk today. 

God is so good.

16 April 2010

Tomorrow is Bennett's Cystic Fibrosis Happy Day!

We are so excited about tomorrow!  Uh, yeah, weird.  But that's ok.  We're considering Saturday his birthday, of sorts.

It's his Cystic Fibrosis Happy Day.

We are considering tomorrow's walk a celebration of community and hope.

Community: Saturday will be the joining of an existing community that has already come alongside Bennett/Our Family with a new community (the CF community) in which we have joined. We hope that Saturday will serve as a reminder to us that we are not in this alone.

Hope: We believe that eventually, someday, there will be a cure.  Maybe for Bennett.  Or Maybe for the next little boy diagnosed with CF.  Either way, watching people wake up early on a Saturday morning and hearing the money that has been raised on behalf of those who are suffering will serve a sign of hope.  There will be an end of Cystic Fibrosis one day.

Tomorrow is not a day to cry or be sad.  We have CF and we're ok.  Tomorrow is a day to celebrate!

CF Walk Countdown: 1 more day

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #1: Seventy-percent of those diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis are diagnosed by the age of 2.

15 April 2010

CF Walk Countdown: 2 more days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #2: "Woe that child which when kissed on the forehead tastes salty.  He is bewitched and soon must die." This adage, from northern European folklore, is an early reference to Cystic Fibrosis as it's recognized today.

14 April 2010

Liver Enzyme Levels

So, Bennett had his blood drawn again this morning.  We were told on Monday that if the enzyme levels came back elevated today, it was an immediate admission to the hospital.  If they came back lower, we could rest assure everything was probably just fine. 

Don't you know they'd come back - the same!

The doctor still feels we're likely dealing with a virus that is probably of no significance.  However, we are still waiting on his other labs to come back (hopefully they will come back in the next two days) to give us a better idea if anything else is going on. 

At this point, we aren't doing anything.  The doctor feels good since Bennett's projectile vomiting seems to have subsided and his liver enzyme levels haven't elevated any more.  We are going to have his bloodwork redone on Monday.

Poor Bennett is going to be busy Monday.  After he gets his blood drawn early Monday morning, we're off to his Pulmonology Appointment at the CF Clinic and a visit to his GI doctor in Fort Worth.

Breck's Thoughts: A Kiss

It was a strange moment on Monday to be back in the same hospital with Bennett as I was 6 months ago when I gave birth to him. 

Thankfully we were no where near the Labor and Delivery area.  I don't really want to visit them any time soon.  But we were in Radiology Monday getting Xray and Ultrasound tests done.  So, I was able to appreciate that only months ago, in this building, my life changed forever.

...which is even more strange that the Sonographer mentioned our story.

After bringing Bennett in for his ultrasound the Sonographer asked why we were there.  I told her that we were fearful of a bowel obstruction, particularly "since he was born with meconium-"

"peritonitis?" She asked, finishing my sentence.

"Yes," I replied surprised she even knew what it this uncommon condition was.  "Do you get many cases of Meconium Peritonitis?"

"No.  But I think I remember your son.  Was he born here?"

"Yes," I answered.

"I thought his name was familiar.  I remember him.  I think I was the one who did his ultrasound right after birth.  He had fluid all in his abdomen!...They were really worried about him, weren't they?"

"I guess so," I said.  "I actually wasn't worried at all.  I had no idea how sick he was."  Curious at how her last sentence was so carefully spoken under her breath, I asked, "Why?  Did they think he was going to die?"

"Well," she replied, "they don't ever say a baby is going to die.  They just say, 'this is a very sick little baby.'  They don't want to expect a baby will ever die.  But they also don't want to get their hearts broken if they baby doesn't survive.  I think they knew that your baby was a 'very sick little baby.'"

Wow, I thought.  Another reminder of how close to losing Bennett we were.  I kissed Bennett's forehead at that moment.  We are so lucky, I thought.

And then, in that moment, I felt like God kissed my forehead.

I get so tired and weary of caring for Bennett sometimes.  I often want him to "be normal" and can feel so inconvenienced.  I think we are still in the process of accepting we have a baby with special needs.

But when I run into moments like these - reminders of where we have come - my heart becomes soft and thankful again.

Humbled, I am reminded that I do not deserve a healthy baby.  In fact, as God reminded me yesterday, I do not deserve a baby at all.  Bennett is a gift.

He always has been.  He always will be.   Our Blessed Little One.

CF Walk Count Down: 3 More Days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #3:  It is believed that Cystic Fibrosis may have risen to its present levels (30,000 people in the US) because to its gene mutation protects against infection with typhoid fever bacteria. 

13 April 2010

Just Rolling Along

Bennett rolled over for the first time today!  We are so excited!   He can actually be considered hitting this milestone right on "time" which is very fun for us to see Bennett catch up so quickly.  Just tonight he flipped a few times in a row moving him from point A to point B fairly quickly, even getting himself accidently jammed under the TV cabinet.  It's obvious we are already in trouble - this guy is on the move! 

Here's a video from earlier today.  Bennett is naked because he had just thrown up and I had removed it clothes.  I started to walk off to get new clothes but instead, like any good mother would do, I grabbed the camera first. :)

Details About This Weekend's Walk

We have had lots of friends asks us about Saturday's Walk.  So here are our FAQs!

Do I need to sign up on the CF website to say I'm coming?
You can do one of two things: 1.) Sign up as a walk here:  or 2.) Email us at breckgamel @ and let us know you are coming.  This will make sure the CF Walk Coordinators have ordered enough food for everyone.

Where do we go on Saturday?
The walk is at Indian Springs Park in Cameron Park.  It should be right there by the Suspension Bridge.  Just park where you find a spot and walk on over.

What time do we need to be there?  
The walk starts at 9AM.  But come and go as you wish.

What will we do when we are there?
We will walk, of course.  But according to Amy, the coordinator of the event, "We will have games for children to play.  Barbeque sandwhiches and chips, awards, thank yous, etc."

What do I wear?

Wear whatever you want!  We suggest a pair of tennis shoes for sure.  And if you think about it, wear a blue shirt for Bennett.  Any color blue is fine!  We hope to get a group picture to put in Bennett's scrapbook.

Will I find Bennett's Brigade when I get there?
Yes!  If you let us know you are coming (either by registering on the blog or emailing us a breckgamel @, we will specifically look for you.  We should be wearing light blue shirts.

CF Walk Countdown: 4 more days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #4: The odds of a Caucasian having the defective Cystic Fibrosis gene is 1 in 25.  About 1 in every 3,000 births is a newborn with CF.

12 April 2010

Elevated Liver Enzymes

Well, it's not Plyoris Stenosis.  Nor is it an obstruction in the bowel (HOORAY! We were really worried about this has it's serious and Bennett is highly suscpetible to this since he has had bowel surgery which causes the growth of scar tissue).

Bennett does, however, has have elevated levels of liver enzymes.  This could mean a number of things...  (here's a list we copied from the internet, see what you think:)

"Some common causes of elevated liver enzymes are:
* Alcohol consumption (Bennett tries to limit his alcohol consumption.)
* Autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis, primary bilary cirrhosis, or other autoimmune disorders of the liver or bile ducts (no symptoms of this)
* Diabetes (while CF related diabetes is common among those with CF, this doesn't usually happen until adolescence or beyond)
* Obesity (he's chubby but not yet obese)
* Excessive use of certain herbal supplements  (um, it's safe to say that Bennett is no crunchy hippy.)* Gallstones (don't think so)* Hemochromatosis, Wilson's disease, or other metabolic liver diseases (have no idea what these are but don't think he has this)* Tumors of the liver, the pancreas or bile ducts (we hope not!)", most likely means he simply has gastroenteritis, a viral infection (something similar what we contracted last week, the stomach bug).  This would explain his projectile vomiting symptoms and his elevated liver enzymes.

The reason why neither we nor the doctor seriously considered a virus is because
1.) he's not showing any signs of feeling bad, having fever, having diaherra and
2.) our stomach bug was 24 hours and Bennett's symptoms have lasted more than quadruple that time.

But we should know more in the next few days as his blood work comes back. 

Bennett will get more blood drawn on Wednesday to see if his liver enzyme levels have come down.  If they have, we'll consider him fine.  If they haven't, our GI doctor has indicated it will be an immediate admission to the children's hospital in Fort Worth.

Today, when Bennett's Pediatrician told Breck about the possibility of hospital admission if his liver enzyme levels don't drop, she said, "just be prepared."  Breck laughed.  We are always prepared. Frankly, at this point, we feel we are always one phone call away from the possibility of hospital admission. 

Running Tests

we are currently getting tests done to confirm all is well with bennett.  he does not seem to have pyloris stenonitis as an ultrasound shows. we are now awaiting results from his upper gi barium test to rule out any blockage.  so far all looks good.

11 April 2010

Projectile Vomiting

Bennett has been having some new worrisome symptoms this week.  It's been going on for a week and we have exhausted all of the "could be's" we know of...It could be the stomach bug.  It could be reflux.  It could be constipation. But now, we're pretty sure it's none of those.

His symptoms include fewer dirty diapers and projectile vomiting within 20 minutes of eating.  There have been some scary moments over the last week.  Numerous times we have fed Bennett and lied him down to play on the floor before which he started screaming.  When we approached Bennett to see what was wrong, we have found him covered in milk - so much milk that it puddles in his eyes and is soaking his hair, clothes and the floor beneath him.

We really got worried on Thursday night when we woke up to his screaming at 3:45am and found him soaked by milk as though we had thrown an entire glass of milk on his face.  This was really scary for us since Bennett had only been on his very very slow feeding pump all night long.

At first, we considered that he might just be constipated.  We wondered if these episodes were happening when he tried to have a bowel movement and his gut pushed the fluid back up through his nose.  We gave him two doses of a laxative over a 48 hour period.  It did seem to help with his lack of dirty diapers but the projectile vomiting issues have not stopped.

We spoke with a nurse last Friday who agreed it sounded like constipation.  We decided to wait until Monday to do anything.  But, concerned, we called the oncall doctor this weekend.  The doctor said he needs to be checked out but we could wait until Monday if he's not dehydrated. 

So, first thing in the morning, we will call and get an appointment for Bennett.  We are hopeful the doctor will have a simple reason for this issue and we will be good to go.  However, there is always a small chance that there is a bowel obstruction or some other mechanical problem that might not be so simple to solve.

It's hard to believe how complicated Bennett's issues seem to be.  It seems like every few weeks we have some issue arise only to settle a short time later.  But just as we begin to feel confident that we are finally at "life as normal", things change.

It's exhausting to care for a child with a chronic illness.  But more than anything, it's just exhausting to always worry.  We worry about his lungs...his growth...his these new symptoms.

Thankfully, though, we have some wonderful resources to help us cope.  And God is good all the time.

CF Walk Countdown: 6 more days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #6: The survival rate for those with Cystic Fibrosis is improving.  Of people with CF born between 1985 and 1989, 88 percent were alive at age 19 .  For children born between 1990 and 1994, 92 percent were alive at age 19 . 

10 April 2010

CF Walk Count Down: 7 More Days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #7:  About 120-150 people with Cystic Fibrosis get a lung transplant each year.  Of those, 50% are alive after 5 years. 

09 April 2010

Breck's Thoughts: His Face On A Tshirt

:::Sigh::: They arrived today.  I am so very excited... see the t-shirts we have created for the upcoming CF Walk.  They look great!  New t-shirts are always fun!  They smell good and look so nicely pressed.

This afternoon, I spent time unpacking them and lining them up according to each person who ordered them.  I plan to mail some of them to those that ordered from far away.

I took some pictures of them both to put on the blog and to put in Bennett's CF Walk Scrapbook...
...and then I felt that knot in my stomach.

His CF Scrapbook.  His CF Tshirts.  His CF disease.

How strange it feels.  To make your kid's tshirts.

How real it makes it feel.  That it's my kid who has an incurable disease.

As matter of fact, the first thing I noticed when our friend Melissa showed me the t-shirts was the eyelash...

...on the little baby's silhouette on the front of the shirt.  I hadn't really every noticed such a small detail before.

But it felt like it was actually Bennett's face.   My son's face.

And then I glanced at his name.  It's my son's name.

And then it hit me again - that knot in my tummy.

I've heard about walks, fundraisers, events for children with life-threatening diseases.  I just never imagined I'd be helping to coordinate one...

...not for my son.

They're Here!

CF Walk Countdown: 8 more days

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #8:  Ninety-eight percent of Men with CF are sterile.

08 April 2010

Last Call on Bennett's Brigade Tshirts!

So, in order not to make anyone feel pressured, we quietly set a deadline and went ahead and ordered tshirts...only to find out that some people didn't realize we had already ordered them.   

So, we are making a reorder.  If anybody would like a tshirt, please let us know your size by emailing us at  We should have them by April 17th!

Pictures: Spring Pictures of Bennett

Demonstrating his ability to sit up with some support!  Such a big boy!  Doesn't he look like Mr. Clean?  He's not actually bald but his hair is so light against his skin it looks like it.  Actually, there are times, like these, that he looks sorta like a Cabbage Patch kid - that's what one of the nurses at the NICU used to tell us all the time.  :)

Watching Oliver swing at the local park.

Enjoying the warm weather.

Playing in his jumperoo in the kitchen while watching Oliver play on the porch.

07 April 2010

Count Down To Our First Cystic Fibrosis Walk! Only 10 more days!

We are less than 2 weeks away from participating in our first local Cystic Fibrosis Walk and fundraiser.  So, we thought it appropriate to count down the days by posting one statistic about Cystic Fibrosis that we didn't know just months ago...    

Fact #10 -  The difference between the lungs of a healthy person and a person with Cystic Fibrosis: 1/3rd of a teaspoon of water.

A Visit From The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny visited our house for the first time this year.  

Oliver sits by his basket and cuddles his beloved new Peter Rabbit (a gift from our neighbors, the Hahns).

Oliver helps Bennett unpack his basket and shows him his new book.

Oliver shows Bennett the baby kittens in the book. 

But Bennett seemed to enjoy his new rattle the best.

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!