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Day in the Life - Hanging around the house

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Here are a few pictures we have taken in the last few weeks.  These are pictures taken of Bennett hanging around the house.

Baby Roo:  Momma takes a picture through the living room mirror.  Bennett is hanging out in his backpack-frontpack-pouch-thingy.

Nibbling on some good fingers.

Literally "hanging" in the Jumperoo. 

He's a bit too small so we stuck blankets in front and behind him to prop him up.

He's a bit too short, too.

Laying back and watching the birds toys.

  Handling some tummy time.  Trying to keep that heavy head up!

Smiling at momma behind the camera.

3 Responses to “Day in the Life - Hanging around the house”

  1. As always, I always love to see new pictures of Bennett. I love that last one, especially! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. In the first picture I believe Bennett's face is saying "Mom, You are such a dork for making me sit in this thing!"
    I Love that last picture, He is such a precious baby!

  3. A SMILE!!!!! Ahhhhh, he's adorable!!


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