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Bennett's CF Video

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have created this video to document Bennett's birth - as well as struggle with CF.   We thought a video would be a good way to share our story.

7 Responses to “Bennett's CF Video”

  1. What a beautiful video!! We are praying for Bennett everyday! I pray to St. Jude every night to find a cure for him!


  2. My cousin had CF. My prayers and thoughts are definitely with you guys.

    In Christ,

  3. Loved your video telling his story. He is a miracle!! I received my "prayer magnet" in the mail yesterday!!! Thanks, and he continues in my prayers.

    Wanda Fields
    Minden, LA

  4. Brian and Breck, This video is just beautiful! You are a beautiful family! Love, Ms.Ann

  5. I will pray for Bennett each night. What a precious baby boy. Karen Schultz (Mary's mom)

  6. Brittney-

    It's Meredith Roden Waguespack, Loved the video. I plan on finding a walk for CF in Baton Rouge if it's not on April 17.

    Always thinking of you!

  7. Brian.

    Praying for your son, and your family.

    We've got an 7 week old; and I couldn't imagine what you guys are going thru.


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