17 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Update: Day 2 - 6:19pm

It turns out that the doctor feels like starting fluids at 7am tomorrow is best.  So, no feeding tonight.  :(  (We were really disappointed at first but then learned that so it's in Bennett's best benefit to wait for the bowels to wake up as long as we can before we feed him.  It can be very very painful if we feed him too early.  So, the doc is trying to be on the safe side).

Fortunately, Bennett is sleeping soundly.  His pain has lessened so he's sleeping much more peacefully.  He seems to be using all of his energy just to heal right now.

We are looking forward to tomorrow and pray his body will be best able to handle fluids then.

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  1. It's 6:23 am Friday morning here. Praying that starting the fluids for Bennett will be painless, and that his little body heals quickly, so he can be home for Christmas. Love, Ms.Ann


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