17 December 2009

Humpty Dumpty Surgery Update: Day 2 - 8:17am

Things are going as expected so far.  Bennett has mainly been sleeping since his surgery yesterday morning.  He's fairly content on pain medication but really cries out when the morphine and tylenol wears off.  We can tell Bennett is hungry.

Dr. Hamner stopped by this morning.  He said everything looks good.  He said we are waiting to hear bowel sounds.  As soon as we start to hear bowel sounds and gas passing out (yes, a fart), we will know things are starting to work.

Dr. Hamner said the body has to wake itself up.  Usually the anesthesia puts the entire body to sleep.  So, hopefully the body will begin to wake up and start moving like it should.  When we begin refeeding Bennett, we will start with fluids first.  Then, small amounts of formula.

We hope to begin fluids by this time tomorrow.  Right now, we're just listening for farts. :)


  1. I think it's just great that you have such a sense of humor, after all you both have been through. Bennett looks good. Praying you'll have him home by Christmas! Love, Ms.Ann

  2. LOL, I can just imagine the cheer that will go up when you finally do hear that long-awaited sound. We'll probably hear the shout all the way over here in Minden! I'm directing my prayers accordingly - I just can't help but giggle though as I'm asking God for Bennett to ****. Thankfully, we know God has a sense of humor too. Sending love and hugs for all of you along with my prayers. <><


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