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Finally At Home: Pictures

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Enjoying some tummy time.

Nibbling on some hand.

Looking around.


Sleeping in his swing.

Our baby is starting to get those chubby cheeks.

Pajama feet.

Big Brother Oliver says, "EAR!"

8 Responses to “Finally At Home: Pictures”

  1. I just love these pictures. It is so good to see Oliver and Bennett spending time together at Home!!

  2. i LOVE seeing the boys together at home! makes my heart so happy :). i love you guys and miss you so much!! give those sweeties a kiss from e & uncle matt.

  3. Love these pictures! He's a cutie!

  4. So good to see pictures of Bennett HOME! Love, Ms.Ann

  5. Breck-
    I LOVE the picture of Oliver and Bennett! Such a sweet picture of the two of them!

  6. Precious pics!! Ya'll have 2 handsome boys!!!!

  7. Such sweet pictures! You are so good at capturing such special moments.


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