December 2009: Pictures 3

Bennett's first photographed smile.

A classic Bennett look. 

Our little cutie-in-a-hootie.

Baby blues.

Trying to get Bennett to smile by using "Momma-talk."

Kissing her sweet boy.


  1. I love the picture with his hood up! So cute!

  2. HE is such a pretty baby, Breck! I love his smile. Still praying for no pain and more smiles for mom and dad. Love, Ms.Ann

  3. every time i see new pictures he looks different! he's definitely changing as he puts on weight. hurray for that! we'll be praying for you guys on wednesday.

  4. Oh my goodness. Can this little man be any cuter? You've got a little model on your hands! And he looks so chic in that hoodie! ;)


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