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"Praying for Bennett" Blog Button

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our sweet friend Ashleigh has done something for us that we really appreciate.  Those in the blogsphere will know the value of something like this. 

Ashleigh has created a blog button that other bloggers can add to their blogs to help remind them and those that visit to their own blogs to pray for Bennett.

If you'd like to add this button to your website, you can copy the html code under the button on our blog or visit:

Thank you, Ashleigh.

4 Responses to “"Praying for Bennett" Blog Button”

  1. Awesome - I just added the button to my blog. Will keep praying for you guys!!

    Laura and Brian

  2. I've added him to my blog!
    Thank you for keeping us updated. We are PRAYING!

  3. We are pryaing for all of you!

  4. Just added the button to my blog! Praying daily!


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