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Day 12 - Pictures

Monday, October 12, 2009

There was real concern within the Intensive Care Nursery this week that Monkey and Giraffe might not get along.  Of course, it's always hard when a new friend moves into town. 

Monkey is no longer Bennett's only isolet companion.  Giraffe has joined the mix.

However, Monkey may be stuffed but he's not stuffy.  Any pal of Bennett is a pal of Monkey.

Monkey and Giraffe are now a team.

Their keep Bennett company.
Their greatest wish...for Bennett to come home.

3 Responses to “Day 12 - Pictures”

  1. U will keep this Gamel in prayer.

    - Dan Gamel

  2. That's my greatest wish, too...

  3. LOVE THIS! You are too funny. I'm glad monkey and giraffe are now friends. ;)


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