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Day 1 - Update 1:24am

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I just talked with Dr. Resto who is taking care of Bennett tonight at Scott and White at Temple.  He said they are still not sure what is causing Bennett's distress but they are running alot of tests.  There is so much that can be going on that they simply do not know yet.

At this time, Bennett is on a ventilator and is stable.  The hope is that he will continue to be stable until in the morning when they will do surgery.  However, should anything change, they will rush him to surgery tonight.

He says the best case senerio is that Bennett will have surgery and will go home in 1-2 weeks.  He says the worst case senario is that Bennett would have a loss of blood supply to his bowel causing him to loose it.

The doctors are not feeding Bennett at this time as they don't want anything in his gut.  Even when he can eat, it will be some time before they introduce food.  However, he is getting the nutrients he needs through his IV.

Brian and I have grieved alot so far.  It's hard to give birth and to have your baby whisked away - not only to another part of a hospital but to a different hospital all together.  However, we are thankful that he is here and feel confident that he's getting good care.

Fortunately, Oliver did get to briefly meet Bennett tonight.  Bennett was tucked within the many machines that were used to stablize and transport him to the other hospital.  It was hard to see him as he was bound by cords and hidden within one of those clear neonatal unit boxes.  However, he was crying (not interested in taking a soothie), probably in pain.  This made Oliver very interested in him.  It wasn't the meeting I had pictured for introducing these little guys to each other...but it was still a beautiful picture of a concerned older brother curious and caring towards his baby brother.

Aunt Brooklyn asked Oliver, "do you want to take Baby Bennett home?"  Oliver quickly responded, "uh-huh".  Yep, we all do.  We all want to take Baby Bennett home.  Hopefully soon.

Pictures: First Pictures of Baby Bennett

Our little man's bed in the NICU

Bennett in the NICU

Bennett, under the Oxygen Hood, which helps him breathe.

Our sweet boy.

Bennett looks a bit blue here.  But, fortunately, he's stable.

A close up of our baby boy.

Daddy and Bennett

Momma and Bennett (Momma has obviously been crying.  It's sad for her not to hold her little boy.)

Daddy and Aunt Brook get to visit Bennett for the first time.

Comparing First Pictures of Oliver and Bennett:
Oliver, November 2, 2007

Bennett, September 30, 2009

Birthday - Update 11:30pm

At this time, Bennett has been diagnosed with Meconium Peritonitis, which is bowel perforation.  

The doctors think Bennett had a bowel obstruction at some point in the womb.  This backed up the meconium (the baby's first bowel movement) and his bowels apparently erupted.  Therefore, at this time, the doctors believe Bennett has meconium in his abdomen, which has greatly extended it.  In addition to the danger of a ruptured bowel and the potential of infection through the spread of meconium, this displacement of meconium has made it hard for Bennett to breathe.  

At 9:30pm, Bennett left by ambulance to go for neonatal surgery at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas (about 30 minutes away).  He should have surgery later tonight or tomorrow.  We will know more regarding his care once we know the surgery is planned.

Baby Gamel Has Arrived! - Update 5:15pm

Dear Friends,

We thought you might like to know that our newest little addition to the Gamel family has arrived!

Bennett Brinson Gamel was born this afternoon at 3:10pm on Wednesday, September 30, 2009.

Weight: 7 lbs, 11 oz
Length: 20 inches long
Head Circumference: 33cm

Please keep Bennett in your prayers as he was born struggling to breath. He is currently in the NICU at Hillcrest Hospital in Waco. We have not heard any news about how he is doing and we have not had a chance to hold him. But we know that he is in good hands with the doctors here. God is good always.

We will send more details as soon as we have them.

Brian, Breck and Oliver